Live Edge Walnut Rolling Tray (Large)

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Style :

Live Edge

Material :

Live edge figured Walnut

Features :

Large 2 section, bi-level, rolling area

Routed hand holds for easy carrying

2 spots for BIC lighters

Slot for rolling papers

Phone/tablet holder slot

Jar spot

Grinder spot

Dab/concentrate container spot

13 Accessory holes

Measures :

Overall : 23” long / 12” wide / 2” tall

Phone/Tablet slot : 9” long

Jar spot : 3” diameter

Grinder spot : 2.5” diameter

Concentrate spot: 1.75” diameter
Accessory holes :

• 5/8 × 2
• 1/2” × 3
• 3/8" (10mm) × 4
• 1/4" × 4

Description :

This piece might be better called a rolling station than a rolling tray. At nearly 2ft long and 2” thick, it has an unmistakable presence in any room. It is made from a single, solid, piece of live edge Black Walnut. The grain has some awesome figure and color throughout, especially on the right side. It has more than enough room for all of your gear and plenty of space to work. The built in handles make it easy to move this piece around if you need to. It also features the CannaBudddy logo encased in glow in the dark epoxy for a little bonus touch. This piece really is a cut above the rest and is guaranteed to make you friends look twice.