"Littlefoot" Live Edge Walnut Rolling Tray

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Style :

Live Edge

Material :

Live edge Walnut & Purpleheart

Features :

2 section rolling area
• Spot for a BIC lighter

Slot for rolling papers
• 8 accessory holes

Measures :

Overall : 11.25” long / 5.5” wide / 1.75” tall
Accessory holes :
• 9/16" (14mm) × 1
• 3/8" (10mm) × 5
• 1/4" × 2

Description :

I've dubbed this rolling tray “Littlefoot”. It's made from a gorgeous piece of live edge Walnut and sits on feet made from Purpleheart. The Walnut has some great, subtle, colors running throughout the grain and looks perfect when paired with the rich tone of the Purpleheart,

This tray was created with the true, minimalist, roller in mind. It has just enough room for the essentials. The feet on this tray both figuratively and literally elevate this piece; it will look right at home on your desk or coffee table. Clean, simple, elegant, & sure to please.