Greenhouse Door "Roly Poly" Rolling Tray

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Style :

Roly Poly

Material :

Pine from old greenhouse door

Features :

Small tray area with an "escape chute" cutout for easy clean up
• Spot for a jar
• Spot for a grinder
• Spot for a BIC lighter
• 8 accessory holes

Measures :

Overall : 13.5” long / 6” wide / 1.5” thick

Tray area : 5" diameter
Jar spot : 2.875" diameter
Grinder spot : 2.125" diameter
Accessory holes :

• 3/4" (18mm) × 1
• 9/16" (14mm) × 1

• 1/2” × 1
• 3/8" (10mm) × 2
• 1/4" × 3

Description :

This "Roly Poly" style rolling tray has a fun story behind it. It is actually made from a piece of the door to our greenhouse! The very one these photos were taken in! You can even see the door in one of the pics!


When my wife and I were building our greenhouse, we found a really cool antique door that we felt was perfect for it. The only issue was that the door was about 8" too tall for the frame. So I ended up trimming the extra off the bottom of the door and used that cut off to make the rolling tray you see here!

The original wood and paint (and even dirty dog paw marks on the bottom) were left intact and sealed with a gloss lacquer.

My wife then added flowers she had pressed from our garden to the cutouts and we poured epoxy resin over them to create this beautiful piece you see here.

This tray is entirely unique and truly a piece of Caitie & I & our home! I know it will fit right in at your home!

The "Roly Poly" rolling trays are the perfect blend of beauty and function. The size is convenient, while still offering plenty of features, and the shape contours beautifully when setting on your lap.

This is a fantastic piece that is sure to please and meet your needs.